Robert Sylwester

Can Learning About the Brain Help Schools?

In Scientific American, the distinguished neuroscientist Antonio Damasio reflected on the current state of his field and looked into the future. He suggested that “more may have been learned about the brain and the mind in the 1990’s—the so-called decade… Continue Reading →

Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, and Digital Wisdom

In 2001 Marc Pensky proposed the intriguing notion that our culture is now composed of digital natives and digital immigrants. He’s now expanded the concept to include digital wisdom (Pensky, 2009). Let’s explore the updated concept and its increasing cultural… Continue Reading →

One Hundred Columns

I’m not sure why we tend to pay more attention to 100 of something than to 99 or 101, but we do. This is my 100th Brain Connection column, going back to the first issue, posted right after The Millennium… Continue Reading →

Selecting a President and Vice President

Our brain’s organization biases it towards preferences and decisions that enhance our survival and the quality of our life. These biases are evident during the current presidential campaign, and five underlying brain properties seem especially significant. A Social Species Humans… Continue Reading →

Movement: The Spark of Life

The principal reason that animals have a brain and plants don’t is because we can move of our own volition. Plants can’t, and so they don’t even need to know where they are. What’s the point of knowing that other… Continue Reading →

Happy 25th Birthday Multiple Intelligences

I was recently looking for something in my bookshelves, and came across my battered copy of Howard Gardner’s Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences. A thought popped up in my mind, so I turned to the copyright date,… Continue Reading →

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