Ashish Ranpura

Education and Neuroscience: Bridging the Gap

With so many claims about education products and practices, what does it mean to be “research-based”? Join us as we dive into the debate. Matt gripped his pencil in a clenched fist, armed to wage war against his math homework…. Continue Reading →

How We Remember, and Why We Forget

I remember my mother’s vegetable garden when I was a child, corn plants tall like skyscrapers. I remember when I fell out of a tree and everyone from the neighbor’s barbecue rushed over to see if I’d broken a bone…. Continue Reading →

Testing the Brain: What Neurological Exams Can Tell Us About Ourselves

Medicine today possesses tools capable of peering into the most hidden and seemingly inaccessible parts of the body. We can snake cameras through the chambers of the heart and the vessels of the lungs, see embryos in the womb, and… Continue Reading →

A Conversation With Brian Butterworth

A cheerful English voice, crisp and elegant, asked her the question again. “How many coins do you have there, Signora?” Signora Gaddi stared at the coins in her hand for a long time, and then looked up to smile apologetically… Continue Reading →

Navigating Space: How Your Brain Knows Where You Are

A tiny, pixilated soldier dodges past burning embers and ruined walls. His guide, a young boy watching through a computer monitor, knows that just ahead, beyond a darkened doorway and a hairpin left turn, the soldier will find a floating… Continue Reading →

Overview of Receptive Fields

A wonderful thing about the art of painting is its explorations of the relationship between form and meaning. Flowers painted by Georgia O’Keefe, for example, are detailed studies of one isolated object, and are deeply resonant with sensuality and strength…. Continue Reading →

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