Its taken some time and effort, but we published a new version of the ever popular ABC Gulp.  Take a look and enjoy.


Play ABC Gulp


ABC Gulp challenges your knowledge of letter names
All children need to learn their ABCs. By learning to recognize and name each letter in the alphabet, children take their first steps into the world of written language. Many children master letter-naming before they start kindergarten, and almost all children have mastered it by the time they finish, so ABC Gulp should be relatively easy for children six and older. The skills of younger children, however, may vary widely: some can identify and name all twenty-six letters in the alphabet, while others can’t name any letters at all. Still other children are familiar with the first half of the alphabet, but struggle with the second half. For these children six and under, ABC Gulp results may be particularly important, because letter-naming is one of the most effective predictors of subsequent reading skills.