Gerald Gabriel

What is Emotional Intelligence?

The emotional intelligence revolution has already impacted the education and corporate worlds. Is it possible that it is the answer we’ve been waiting for? IQ’s Shortcoming If there is anything close to a consensus in the understanding of intelligence, it… Continue Reading →

“Left Brain” “Right Brain”: The Mind in Two

Everyone knows the popular myths about the two brain hemispheres: The right brain is artistic, musical, spatial, intuitive, and holistic; the left brain is linear, rational, analytical, and linguistic. There is some truth in these labels. But, not surprisingly, they… Continue Reading →

Measuring The Mind

The Nature of Things There is something ethereal about human intelligence, something hard-to-pin-down. It’s hard even to define. Is intelligence the ability to reason? Does it have to do with memory? Is it aptitude with language? With mathematics? All of… Continue Reading →

Take Two: Lessons Learned from Twins Research

Few scenarios have seemed more promising for the unraveling of human mystery than the research pot of gold that many believe identical twins to be. Unlike the rest of the actual, messy human world, monozygotic twins represent an almost perfect… Continue Reading →

Afraid to Leave Mom: Separation Anxiety in Children

Many children eagerly enter their first classroom excited and a little nervous. It is perfectly natural, after all, to feel jittery when confronting something so new as school. But some children come bearing more than a normal amount of trepidation;… Continue Reading →

Alcohol on the Mind: The Effects of Drinking on the Adolescent Brain

Scientists have noted over the years a litany of consequences associated with underage drinking. According to Dr. Enoch Gordis, director of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the list includes: “interference with learning, social, and other competencies, fatal… Continue Reading →

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