How does the brain accomplish the complex task of learning? How can knowing more about how the brain works improve brain health, learning and education?

Century of the Brain

As one learns more about neuroscience and those who study it, there is almost a sense of Greek tragedy -- an element of hubris is always lurking about. What bravado to study something so complex and so …well … incomprehensible!...
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Testing the Brain: What Neurological Exams Can Tell Us About Ourselves

Medicine today possesses tools capable of peering into the most hidden and seemingly inaccessible parts of the body. We can snake cameras through the chambers of the heart and the vessels of the lungs, see embryos in the womb, and...
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State of the Art: Progress Toward Restoring Vision

Throughout the world people who suffer from two of the most common types of blindness, macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa, face the reality of gradually losing their sight forever. Researchers are racing to restore vision to these sufferers. Both macular...
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Overview of Receptive Fields

A wonderful thing about the art of painting is its explorations of the relationship between form and meaning. Flowers painted by Georgia O'Keefe, for example, are detailed studies of one isolated object, and are deeply resonant with sensuality and strength....
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