Warning: Some of these games no longer work on modern browsers. Your best bet for getting them to work is to use the Firefox web browser and install Adobe Shockwave. Over the next year we will be re-doing each game, please be patient with us.


  1. First, select a level.
  2. Then, open the armoire door by clicking it’s handle. Next, click and drag clothing from the armoire onto Soupy the Dog. Use the four buttons on the bottom of the armoire to switch to different clothing groups. Once you are in a group, use the arrow to scroll through the available clothes.
  3. Next, Soupy the Dog tells you what color to paint his clothes. Select colors by clicking on the palette, then touch the paintbrush to Soupy’s clothes to color them. If you color them correctly, you can select more clothes. Before selecting new clothes, you can recolor old clothes to your liking.
  4. To make room for new clothes, you can drag his clothes to the hamper. Open the hamper first, and then put the clothes into it. Clothes can only by put in after they have been correctly colored. You can also drag a new garment from the armoire onto Soupy to replace the old one.