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Brain Injuries: High School Athletes At Risk

How Concerned About Brain Injury Should We Be? In high school stadiums across the country, a certain contagious frenzy is generated by the playing of a high school band and the shouting of cheerleaders as the home team takes the… Continue Reading →

Podcast: Highlights from “Neuroplasticity and Healing” Summit …

Did you miss the “Neuroplasticity and Healing” Summit with the Dalai Lama, Dr. Michael Merzenich, Dr. Edward Taub, and Norman Doidge? Or did you find the video feed a bit lengthy and hard to understand? The wonderful Brain Science Podcast–long… Continue Reading →

Controversial Facebook Research Shows …

Recently news of a controversial Facebook research study came out, and it upset many people. For the study, researchers had manipulated people’s Facebook feeds to show them either more happy stories or more sad stories, and then measured how that… Continue Reading →

Kids Who Watch TV Have Bigger Brains – But Not in a Good Way

A recent study from Japan found that children who watch TV a lot have more gray matter than kids who don’t watch TV. But, the researchers warn, that is not necessarily a good thing. The study looked at brain scans… Continue Reading →

Large Study Underway To Test Posit Science Exercises…

We are excited to share this video news report about a schizophrenia study we have been working on for the past few years. The e-CAeSAR Study is being conducted in partnership with the Schizophrenia Trials Network at ten top-tier research… Continue Reading →

Paralysis, Memory and Learning: Do Our Bodies Hold the Promise of Regeneration?

Every year, television advertising during the Super Bowl serves as a pointer to what Americans are thinking about. One of the more memorable ads from this year’s game featured a computer-generated version of actor Christopher Reeve rising unsteadily from his… Continue Reading →

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