From infancy through adolescence, children’s brains go through tremendous change, both physically and cognitively. How can we improve children’s learning potential as they grow?

Brain Development Study May Provide Some Help for Educators

It is well known that, compared to adults, children tend to have a much easier time learning new languages and acquiring new skills, such as playing an instrument. A recent study of brain development in children suggests that there may...
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Alcohol on the Mind: The Effects of Drinking on the Adolescent Brain

Scientists have noted over the years a litany of consequences associated with underage drinking. According to Dr. Enoch Gordis, director of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the list includes: "interference with learning, social, and other competencies, fatal...
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Child and Brain: The Stages of Development

The Apparent Race You're a proud new parent and you've spent innumerable hours—months, probably, if not years—poring over parenting books. You're practically an expert on the subject now, even though your child is only a month old. You wanted to...
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Child Prodigies

Recently there was a clever series of commercials that featured celebrities like Larry Bird and Aretha Franklin showing off their respective talents, and the announcer urged us to do the same. "Are you a prodigy?" he wanted to know. Sadly,...
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Cognitive and Emotional Development in Children

In 1983, Howard Gardner rocked the education and social science communities with publication of a theory of multiple intelligences in his book, Frames of Mind. Gardner argued that in addition to defining intelligence in terms of a child or adult’s...
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