From infancy through adolescence, children’s brains go through tremendous change, both physically and cognitively. How can we improve children’s learning potential as they grow?

Afraid to Leave Mom: Separation Anxiety in Children

Many children eagerly enter their first classroom excited and a little nervous. It is perfectly natural, after all, to feel jittery when confronting something so new as school. But some children come bearing more than a normal amount of trepidation;...
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Brain Development Study May Provide Some Help for Educators

It is well known that, compared to adults, children tend to have a much easier time learning new languages and acquiring new skills, such as playing an instrument. A recent study of brain development in children suggests that there may...
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Alcohol on the Mind: The Effects of Drinking on the Adolescent Brain

Scientists have noted over the years a litany of consequences associated with underage drinking. According to Dr. Enoch Gordis, director of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, the list includes: "interference with learning, social, and other competencies, fatal...
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Child and Brain: The Stages of Development

The Apparent Race You're a proud new parent and you've spent innumerable hours—months, probably, if not years—poring over parenting books. You're practically an expert on the subject now, even though your child is only a month old. You wanted to...
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Child Prodigies

Recently there was a clever series of commercials that featured celebrities like Larry Bird and Aretha Franklin showing off their respective talents, and the announcer urged us to do the same. "Are you a prodigy?" he wanted to know. Sadly,...
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