The human brain has undergone tremendous evolution to develop into the powerhouse of function and skills it is today. What do scientists and philosophers think about this incredible feat?

Hey Lucy – You Already Use Way More Than 10% of Your Brain!

By now, you may have seen commercials or trailers for a new summer blockbuster movie Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman. The premise of the movie is that the title character, played by Johansson, is exposed to a substance...
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Massage and Music

My initial morning task is to feed our outdoor cat, who patiently awaits me by the sliding door to our deck. I fill her dish, but she wants to converse and be petted before she eats. I don't understand her...
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Biology and Theology

We're living in a contradictory period in which spirituality and religious belief are thriving during an era of unprecedented biological enlightenment. Further, the fundamentalist religious groups that seem most concerned about recent biological discoveries are experiencing the most growth, and...
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The Deep Roots of the Arts

Today began with the solemn televised pageantry of Ronald Reagan's funeral, and then many radio stations across the country segued into extended play of the marvelous music of Ray Charles, who died yesterday. Two completely different rituals thus beautifully celebrated...
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Gender Related Cultural Confusion – Part 2

Last month's column focused on the nature and meaning of the gender-related differences that scientists have identified. This column will explore the fuzzy line that both separates and unites the concepts of male and female, and especially as they relate...
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