The human brain has undergone tremendous evolution to develop into the powerhouse of function and skills it is today. What do scientists and philosophers think about this incredible feat?

We’re Inside-Out Crustaceans

Observing Mobility. The recent death of the renowned evolutionary theorist, Stephen J. Gould, recalls his intriguing comment that we're inside-out crustaceans. A crustacean's skeleton is on the outside, ours is on the inside. Our soft tissue and appendages are out...
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Neurotheology: Brain Science and Religious Belief

We've historically tended to separate mental and spiritual processes from biological processes. We had no choice. Scientific technology that could examine body parts and functions couldn't observe the biology of thought and belief. Philosophers and theologians thus explored a disembodied...
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How Our Brain Processes Terrorist Carnage

James Thurber was known for his humorous but thoughtful comments and cartoons. September 11 made one of his comments especially relevant: "Don't look back in anger, or forward in fear but rather around in awareness." When our brain senses that...
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