Great scientists and great ideas have molded what we know about our brains. Who are these brain explorers and how did they go about discovering more about the human brain, and thus about us?

Think like an Ancient Egyptian: The First Mention of the Brain

The brain is the center of intelligence and reason, but humans have taken a long time to use theirs to figure out that important fact. Early cultures had ideas about how the mind and body worked-and developed myths to explain...
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A Conversation with William H. Calvin

When I first met Bill Calvin it was at a convention of Futurists, in a loud room filled with passionate people discussing important issues such as the societal impact of nanotechnology and alternative fuels. Dr. Calvin's voice was barely a...
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A Conversation With Brian Butterworth

A cheerful English voice, crisp and elegant, asked her the question again. "How many coins do you have there, Signora?" Signora Gaddi stared at the coins in her hand for a long time, and then looked up to smile apologetically...
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Eric Kandel’s Search For Memory

It was fortuitous for Eric Kandel and the world that he came of age at the beginning of the amazing series of neuroscience developments that occurred during the second half of the 20th century—developments sparked principally by the 1953 discovery...
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I graduated from college with a degree in biology four years before DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) was discovered in 1953. James Watson (age 25) assembled the molecular model on February 28, and on April 25 he and his 37-year-old collaborator Francis...
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