Great scientists and great ideas have molded what we know about our brains. Who are these brain explorers and how did they go about discovering more about the human brain, and thus about us?

A Conversation With Howard Gardner

Powerful ideas have universal impact. The concept of Multiple Intelligences, for example, started as a theory in the halls of Harvard University and has now grown to be one of the most influential movements in teaching practices in the 20th...
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A Conversation With Marian Diamond

The photographs and worn books that adorn Dr. Marian Diamond's office are a sharp contrast to the spare concrete corridors of the Valley Life Sciences Building at the University of California at Berkeley. And Dr. Diamond herself, an elegant woman...
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We’re Inside-Out Crustaceans

Observing Mobility. The recent death of the renowned evolutionary theorist, Stephen J. Gould, recalls his intriguing comment that we're inside-out crustaceans. A crustacean's skeleton is on the outside, ours is on the inside. Our soft tissue and appendages are out...
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A Conversation With Bruce McEwen

In the life cycle of an academic research scientist, developmental maturation usually consists of achieving a secure tenured position, establishing a productive lab, and becoming a respected member of the scientific community. Once this is achieved, most academic researchers busy...
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Roger Sperry: The Brains Inside The Brain

One might not have imagined that a star athlete with an undergraduate degree in English would go on to make remarkable contributions to neuroscience. In fact, Roger Wolcott Sperry became widely known for an astonishing career in science, pioneering ideas...
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