What are the best strategies for helping children who have difficulty learning certain subjects succeed? Can brain science offer something unique?

Building a Bridge for Excellence Between the Community and the Schools

Duval County, Florida School Superintendent Dr. Joseph Wise has only been on the job for 10 months, but already he is making a big impact on the 165 schools, 130,000 students and 14,000 employees in his district. Taking the lessons...
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Educating America’s Children in the 21st Century

As the Superintendent of Schools in Lawrence, Massachusetts for the past six years, Dr. Wilfredo T. Laboy has set an outstanding example of what one educator dedicated to change and success can do in a short period of time. Upon...
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A Conversation With Brian Butterworth

A cheerful English voice, crisp and elegant, asked her the question again. "How many coins do you have there, Signora?" Signora Gaddi stared at the coins in her hand for a long time, and then looked up to smile apologetically...
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A Conversation with John Bruer

In the opening pages of his recent book, The Myth of the First Three Years—A New Understanding of Early Brain Development and Lifelong Learning, John Bruer recalls a 1996 phone call he received from a journalist at a national parenting...
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Single-Sex Classrooms

We educate students in groups. In addition to the obvious financial savings over individualized instruction, it makes sense for a social species to provide many opportunities for young people to interact with each other. Our K-12 school system thus provides...
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