What motivates children or any of us to learn? Emotional connections, rewards, and personal satisfaction all are key. Can we improve learning by enriching these parts of our lives?

The Pleasure Principle: Connections between Reward and Learning

For centuries, scientists and philosophers alike have tried to understand why human beings consistently make choices that are not in our best interests. For example, the serious health risks from smoking are well known, but that does not stop millions...
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What is Emotional Intelligence?

The emotional intelligence revolution has already impacted the education and corporate worlds. Is it possible that it is the answer we've been waiting for? IQ's Shortcoming If there is anything close to a consensus in the understanding of intelligence, it...
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The Emotional Brain

Find out what goes on to create human perception and experiences of emotion -- and why? Emotions as they are experienced can be broken into three categories: primary emotions, secondary emotions, and background emotions. Primary emotions are experienced as a...
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It’s the Simple Stuff That Makes You––And Your Brain––Happy

Sometimes when we want to change our mood, we overlook the small stuff and focus on the big stuff. Instead of looking at what’s simple and right in front of us, we tend to look beyond into the aspirational abyss....
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This Is Your Brain on Music (Infographic)

We get a lot of questions about music and the brain. We recently found this great infographic on music and the brain from the University of Florida, and wanted to share. Enjoy!
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