Reading is a requirement for the contemporary marketplace, yet a large percentage of children, adolescents, and adults in this country are poor readers. Why and how can that be changed?

Do You See What I’m Saying? The Role of Gestures in Learning

Recent research suggests that the gestures accompanying verbal speech convey critical information to the listener…and serve as a window into the thought processes of the speaker. Minnie Pearson, a first-grade teacher, explains a mathematical concept to her students. "Twelve take...
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Cognitive and Emotional Development in Children

In 1983, Howard Gardner rocked the education and social science communities with publication of a theory of multiple intelligences in his book, Frames of Mind. Gardner argued that in addition to defining intelligence in terms of a child or adult’s...
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Inside the Minds of Animals

Clever Hans As the story is told, sometime late in the first decade of the twentieth century, a retired German mathematics teacher named Wilhelm von Osten discovered an odd thing about his horse. He had reason to believe that this...
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The Evolution of Language

What is the link between language and learning? While exploring these issues, fundamental questions arise that have far-reaching effects for the classroom and beyond. The most fundamental mechanism by which humans share information is language, but does language fall into...
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Finding a Voice: Perspectives on Language Acquisition

How Do We Learn Language? Most new moms and dads know a lot about language acquisition because they witness it first-hand. They can tell you that babies start to babble around six to ten months of age, and that not...
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